• Impressions

  • The Benchmark for Indoor Golf

    Indoor golf – the best way to polish up and perfect your golf swing during the cold winter months.


    From now on PEBBLE BEACH is in Vienna-Liesing!

    In order to offer you the ultimate indoor golf experience our existing indoor golf technology has been upgraded and extended with two ISS simulator systems. The screens and the beamers have also been renewed. The picture now only has “seams”, the ball impact is no longer audible or just barely audible and the picture is sunny and bright.

    Have fun! 


Golf Simulators


In 6 spaciously laid out golf simulators we offer you world famous golf courses in beautiful 3- D graphics. Sound effects in surround-sound and many options make indoor golf a real sporting experience.

For many golfing enthusiasts this is the opportunity to experience real golfing pleasure. If it’s raining outside then choose a course with guaranteed sunshine!

The player hits a real golf ball with the club of choice directly into the screen. The computer calculates the exact trajectory and speed of the ball when it is in the air with the help of radar and shows the further course of the ball on the big screen. As soon as the ball comes to a standstill, a board is displayed onscreen giving an analysis of the previous shot. Depending on the configuration the analysis board disappears either automatically or manually. Next the screen shot shown is updated in order to continue playing the hole from the new position.